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Luscious Hustle

Mar 30, 2021

Do you know how the Universe designed you to work and manifest?

Do you know what it looks and feels like to be in motivated as your highest self versus pushes to fulfill a need? 

Do you have an innate knowledge of how to use your voice in a way that will actually land with your audience and make them want to buy?


Mar 26, 2021

Alignment with your energy, activated in baby steps, creates massive results. To go from making $1000 a month to making $20,000 a month with ease, it’s at your fingertips right now.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You have the strategies in place. It’s navigating all the externals that trip us up…


Mar 23, 2021

How many online entrepreneurs or coaches have you seen sitting with their laptops at the coffee shop in their photoshoot?

We have been guilty of this too. No judgment here.

But just because you can work from anywhere in the world, doesn’t mean you’re working any less. [Hello 2020, thank you for that little lesson.]

Mar 19, 2021

Each of us has a unique (human design) energy blueprint that, when used correctly, allows us to manifest and receive everything we ever wanted.  

This week on the podcast we explore how to understand and correctly utilize your defined and undefined energy centers in your human design chart. 

Plot Twist: When you build a...

Mar 16, 2021

Christina is an intuitive, trance channel, and Ahai 7D energy healer/master sharing expansive messages from a number of Ascended Masters and Guides to help people ascend & anchor into their highest frequency. 


Her approach is rooted in intuition, manifestation, and brain rewiring. She’s also the host of the...