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Luscious Hustle

May 28, 2021

Many projectors when first discovering their human design are struck by the idea that projectors are “not here to work.” 

Human design offers an energetic road map for each energy type, where the traditional concept of “work” is redefined for everyone.

But when you’ve spent your entire adult life working 40,...

May 25, 2021

If you have ever wondered what sort of magic you can create through Instagram, well then we are the living, breathing manifestation of what is possible!

Once upon a time, we were two total strangers who happen to share the same last name but are NOT related.

Back in the summer of 2016, Laura slipped into Betsy’s DMs...

May 21, 2021

“It’s just a vibe” has become a running joke in our business.

Everything we do gets put through the “Vibe Filter”:

  • The clothes we wear
  • The food we eat
  • The colors we have painted the rooms in our houses and offices.
  • Our bedding.
  • The places we go.


Anything that doesn’t spark joy is slowly getting released...

May 18, 2021

Jessica Chinyelu, the creator of the Sponsored and Secured, is an in-demand Sponsorship Consultant, Coach, Influencer Income Strategist, and Speaker. She teaches entrepreneurs and businesses how to craft win-win relationships through her proven methods that have transformed the way global influencers and organizations...

May 14, 2021

Spiritual surrender is when we give up our attachment to specific beliefs or desired outcomes. You let go of preconceived ideas or notions of how something should look or feel.

Okay sounds good but HOW do we do that?

What does it actually look like?

Saying you are surrendering and actually surrendering are two very...